Canada Sports Betting May Not Be What it Seems

Technically it is illegal in Canada to bet on single sports games so the most popular kind of Canada sports betting is called Pro Line. 안전놀이터 목록 The gambler is actually betting on the outcome of a number of different games which is called a parlay. In order to win, the better must win all the games that they are betting on. The advantage is that the payout can be quite high if the parlay is successful. Far more often, it is not and you lose your money.

The major criticism to the Canadian sports betting system is that the odds are not considered to be fair. It is generally accepted that in Nevada the vigorish is around 110%, depending on how you define it. This means that the casino or bookmaker would pocket somewhere around 10% of all bets placed. It is thought that the vigorish for the Pro Line system is somewhere between 150% and 300%. Obviously that does not translate into very good odds and it is the reason why many Canadians do not even use the Canada sports betting system.

In fact, instead of using the Canada sports betting system many people actually go to online betting sites that are offshore companies and will provide much more favorable odds to the gambler. It would seem that the Canadian government would want to change their system so that they do not lose these bets to online bookmakers, but nonetheless the betting system remains the same. Since it is a function of the lottery corporation, it is argued that the proceeds go to charity for the most part and that may be a large part of the reason why it is not changing.