Depression And Unsuccessful Marriage – Resolve It To Enjoy Being Loved!

Depression is an innocent but serious illness that steps into one’s life silently. There are many social as well as personal causes of depression but here we are going to discuss one of the most important causes – A stressful Marriage. A marriage is the complete spiritual, mental and physical attachment of two individuals. It gives an ecstatic feeling when you are enjoying a happy married life but if the marriage is not working, it turns into a stressor, and a burden to life and both the partners get trapped into severe depression which affects each part of life, personal as well as professional.

A stressful marriage is found to be the major cause among females. For whatever the reason, if one partner is having constant depression, other partner can’t be left spared from this evil. And if fortunately the depression is overcome, it is likely to relapse if he or she How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription has an unsatisfying marriage. A marital depression Buy Xanax Online can have its root from the negative behavior of the depressed partner. It is very common and natural among couples that if one partner is depressed, it will add even more stress to the other partner. There may be many things as the root cause of marital distress, like lack of intimacy. Who doesn’t desire or need intimacy in married life? Intimacy lets the couple understand each other better intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually without fear of criticism, judgment or rejection. Lack of intimacy may kill a married life and it will struggle even to survive.

Reasons like, parenting, financial stress, unsettled issues & anger, and lack of liberty & forgiveness can allow this silent killer to enter into one’s life. Although both the genders are equally susceptible to depression but women are twice as likely to suffer as men are. Surveys have revealed the fact that one out of every four women experiences at least one depressive episode in their lifetime. Studies have given way to another fact that depression can be both the cause and the effect of unsuccessful marriage. Depression can cause a partner otherwise happy to perceive ignored and think negative about his partner.

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