Escort Passport 8500 X50 (Red and Blue Displays) – A Review

The Passport 8500 X50 Red/Blue Display:

Price: the price tag is $309.95 for the red display making it one of the cheaper models, and very affordable. Strangely, for the blue display the price is $349.95 – I guess it is a matter of supply and demand.

Bands: this product detect all bands of speed enforcement radar both conventional and “instant-on” radars (X, K, Ka, and Ku), and is 50% more sensitive (covers greater range) than its predecessor, the Passport 8500. Furthermore, unlike its predecessors, the Passport 8500 X50 detectors are able to detect Pop radar guns, a relatively new addition to police forces.

Voice Alerts: there are audible and visual band alerts, but these aren’t exactly “voice alerts”.

False Alerts: Incorporates the AutoSensitivity Mode which reports few false alerts – but does not eliminate those completely.

Features: Includes the SmartCord power adapter which can be used as a secondary control for the device. Uses Digital signal processing (DSP) for superior range. Has a built-In Earphone Jack. Includes the “AutoMute” feature which lowers the volume of an alert after a period of time. Also incorporates EZ-Programming – a feature that allows easy customization of the device. Finally, it is compatible with the Escort Passport ZR3 Laser Bodrum Escort Shifter for even better protection.

Installation: the Passport 8500 X50 is windshield mounted, thus, has to be attached to the windshield using a suction cup system. This is a bit clunky, but the advantage is that you can take it and use it in other vehicles, motorcycles, etc. In addition, you can purchase an optional visor holder to hide the Passport 8500 X50 on the visor.

GPS Technology: Not available for this product.

Detectable: Sadly, it is.

Database subscription: N/A.

In summary: When taking into consideration all the features the Passport 8500 X50 as well as its price, it is clear that it’s one of the best radar detectors you can get for the money, at least the Red display version is. It has lots of features (such as the SmartCord controller). And it’s one of the cheapest models (again, the Red display model). Although it does not have some of the other features some of the other models possess, most notably any sophisticated False Alert reduction mechanisms, such as AutoLearn, or a GPS, considering all the above, we believe it provides extremely good value for its price. All in all, the Escort Passport 8500 X50 is highly recommended. Note that its Blue Display Counterpart, while offering the same capabilities, is slightly more expensive, so you should go for this one if you like the 8500 X50 detector series.


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