Finding Low-Cost or Free Medical Terminology Online Courses

It’s not easy to find free medical terminology online courses. There are, however, ways to use the internet to learn medical terminology for little or no money.

Doctors and nurses aren’t the only people who benefit from learning medical terminology. Health information specialists and medical transcriptionists are some of the behind the scenes people who need to know medical terminology. It’s helpful for anybody who works around healthcare to know a little bit of the language spoken there. It’s even a good thing for regular old people to learn; then you know what your doctor is talking about.

Medical language uses a system of word roots, prefixes and suffixes. Medical terminology teaches you what they mean and how they are put together to make medical words. For instance, hypothermia and hypokalemia use the same suffix, “hypo.” If you know that “hypo” means under or deficient, you know that both of those words are talking about being under or deficient in something. Because the learning is systematic a course in miracles and logical, it is easy to learn medical terminology online. Some online medical terminology courses include interactive software to teach you how to pronounce the words.

Free Online Courses

Finding free medical terminology online courses or free medical terminology correspondence courses is the hard part. Some Canadian and US colleges offer a free introductory medical terminology online. It’s enough to get you started, and you could learn just enough medical terminology to meet your needs.

If you have access to online training from a hospital or healthcare consortium, you may find free medical terminology online courses there. Hospital Educational Services Departments frequently offer medical terminology classes, and they may have one in their online course listings.

There are a lot of free resources online to help you learn medical terminology if you are willing to dig the information out for yourself. Medical dictionaries and encyclopedias usually contain the information you need. It’s hard to access the information without already knowing some medical terminology, though.

Low-Cost Online Courses

You may not be able to find free medical terminology courses online that meet your needs. You probably can find some good low-cost options, though. Some schools offer Medical Terminology 1, 2, 3, and charge minimal fees for each level. Sometimes you can find classes titled Medical Terminology for (CNAs, X-Ray Techs, MA’s or whatever) at pretty reasonable prices. Don’t be fooled. The class may use the vocabulary that the target audience is most likely to hear, but medical terminology is medical terminology. If you’re an X-ray tech, you’ll learn what you need in a Medical Terminology for CNAs class.

Learning Medical Terminology is very useful for anybody who works around healthcare. It’s like learning French if you work in France. You might be able to get by without it, but it sure makes your job easier to speak the language.