Good Decision Making Through Critical Thinking

Good decision-making comes from critical thinking. We all think but do we think critically? So, what is critical thinking? It is the art of thinking about your thinking in order to make your thinking better, clearer, more accurate and more defensive. According to Cambridge dictionary, “Critical thinking is the process of thinking carefully about a subject or idea, without allowing feelings or opinions to affect you.” There are a times we find ourselves in arguments. The outcome whether we solved the argument successfully is what matters. When you find yourself in an argument, you’ll either think wisely or stupidly. However, it is always good to think wisely.

Think wisely by being rational. You should think in a critical way for you to form a constructive logical argument. Now you want to ask if there is a difference between thinking and critical thinking. Yes, there is a big difference. Thinking is said to be casual/informal while critical thinking does with evaluating the quality of thinking.

Today, I want us to cover on how you go about making good decisions through critical thinking whenever you find yourself in an argument. Of course, arguments are there, they’re normal in life and as such there is nothing wrong with them but they need to be constructive. You’re not going to argue just because people are arguing. No, that will be very wrong of you! If you just do that, you might end up making yourself a fool like what the book of Ecclesiastes says,

Ecclesiastes 10:12 Words spoken How to construct great arguments by the wise bring them favour, but the lips of fools consume them. 13 The words of their mouths begin in foolishness, and their talk ends in wicked madness;


We argue because we differ in the interpretations of issues that are contentious. The way you perceive things is not the way I perceive them. Something could be good for you and you agree with it but for me that thing could be too bad and I will absolutely disagree with it. If an argument is not handled wisely, then it can lead to serious problems like damaging a relationship.