Tungsten Rings And What You Need To Know About Them

Tungsten rings are preferred by many people due to tungsten ring for men their unique designs. They are also tough and retain their elegant shine for a long time.

How the bands are made

Tungsten is extracted from Wolframite ore. Tungsten is then mixed with carbon and other elements and ground into fine powder. The powder is then placed in a ring blank and compressed tightly until it forms a mold.

After this, the blank containing the powder is fired in an oxygen-free furnace until it looks like a solid black blank. The blank is then transformed into a ring through a number of transformation processes. The ring is then polished until it attains high brilliance and luster.

Types of tungsten rings

Although, the process of making the bands is long and tedious, there are many types of tungsten rings:

Classic dome: it’s considered to be the traditional wedding ring and ranges from 2mm to 16 mm in width. It comes in different finishes such as satin, shiny, Florence, double-coat, and colorful.

Colored: it’s usually black or gold, but you can also come across platinum, bronze, or silver bands. The color is usually at the middle of the ring.

Brushed: also known as grooved, the ring has more depth and artistic value, and it’s characterized by a groove which is a line at the center of the ring.

Faceted: it’s usually cut with diamonds. Due to this the band’s center looks three dimensional.

Carvings: they are of different varieties and are usually carved down the middle where the color goes.

Classic bands court: they are simple in style and they are flat on the finger. Due to their design they are ideal for both men and women.

Factors to consider when buying the rings

One of the main factors that you should consider is the size. Since they are tough, the bands can’t be resized; therefore, when buying the ring, you should buy the one that is of the right size.

If you have a history of being allergic to metals, you should avoid bands made with nickel or cobalt.

You should note that tungsten bands are more expensive than other rings. This is because they are elegant, unique, and long lasting. When buying the bands you should note that simple rings without stones are more expensive than those with stones; therefore, if you are operating on a tight budget you should buy those with stones.