World of Warcraft Strategy Guides

World of Warcraft Strategy Guides is a website dedicated to informing the World of Warcraft player about various gold farming strategies as well as leveling strategies when playing World of Warcraft.

Have you been playing World of Warcraft for a while and realize how hard it is to make gold? I have. I can remember playing the game for hours on end and only have about 50 silver pieces!!!

The game of World of Warcraft is very dependent on gold. The more gold you have, the more successful you can be in the game. The crux is getting the gold.

Now, there are several ways you can accomplish this:


  1. You can spend time killing every creature in site and picking up their gold.
  2. You can spend time farming for items such as cloth, leather, ore etc.
  3. You can spend time at the auction house trying to purchase and re-sell for profit.


Frankly all of these ways work…it depends on what level you are. If you are a lower level character, the recommendation would be to learn the skills of herbalism, mining and skinning. Start harvesting the related items and sell them when they are at capacity.

If you go on to get the skills of alchemy, blacksmithing and leatherworking, you now have a profession that allows you to sell items! This is particularly effective in new servers or selling to new players who need some  Buy wow gold  decent equipment to survive early on.

Potions are great for selling to other players.

As you get up in levels, spending time “grinding” as boring as it sounds, can be profitable if you are grinding in the right areas. Grinding in areas where the creatures drop unique items that you can sell at the auction house is a very effective way to make gold.

I have read about players who grind away for a few hours and take what they have picked up and sell at the auction house for 200-300 gold. The key is finding out what sells. And to do that you must visit the auction house regularly and view what is hot!

If you are going to do the auction house thing, it is highly advisable to get a mule-a character who just spends time in the auction house listing your goodies.


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